Louisiana Shrimp Association would like to thank LSA's Vice President Ronnie Anderson, for coordinating and donating shrimp to feed the needy. Ronnie Anderson wanted to do this on behalf of Louisiana Shrimp Association and its members. This donation went to United Way & Second Harvest Agency to help feed the needy in this time of crisis. He would also like to thank LSA member David Chauvin, owner of David Chauvin's Seafood, for his donation of shrimp to this cause. LSA would like to thank all that were involved in this today. 2800 pounds of wild caught shrimp were donated. Our mission today was to feed the hungry. LSA would also like to thank and assist, if needed, the USDA in its efforts for state and federal agencies to purchase American Wild Caught Seafood. This would be a direct jump start to all local economies along the Southern and Eastern coasts and the whole United States.

Buy domestic USA wild caught shrimp,
buy Louisiana Certified!

Educate and inform your neighbors!
Friends don't let friends eat imported shrimp!