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For more information call 504-912-0150 or 504-382-9341.
The full copy of our "Letter of Donation" can be downloaded here: Donation Letter

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) will begin the second phase of the Equipment Modernization Grant Program and will start accepting applications through the LDWF online grant portal on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, at 9:00 AM CST. Program funding totaling $23.95 million will be available to the Louisiana commercial and charter fishing industry.
Visit their website for more info:LDWF Grant Page

ADD/CVC Petition filed October 25, 2023
An Antidumping duty ("ADD") petition was filed on October 25, 2023 by the American Shrimp Processors Association ("petitioners") on imports of frozen warmwater shrimp from Ecuador and Indonesia, and a countervailing duty ("CVC") petition against frozen warmater shrimp from Ecuador, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
We send our thanks to Ronnie "Chevo" Anderson-Louisiana Shrimp Association USSC and Rocky Moorehead-SC Shrimpers Association USSC, for testifying before the US International Trade Commission on behalf of the American shrimp harvesters. Great job, we appreciate you guys! US Shrimpers Coalition "USSC" are included in this new investigation as interested parties. USSC was formed by: Louisiana- LSA, Georgia-GCFA, Mississippi-GCSS, Texas-TSA, South Carolina-SCSA and North Carolina-NCFA
Petition-LSA Update
The Petition, attachments and other public documents are listed below to view.
US Shrimpers Coalition ITC EOA.pdf
Public Service List
US Shrimpers Coalition
ADD/CVC Petition 2023
View Petition Exhibits Here
Anti Dumping Bullet Point Beggining 2003

Louisiana Governor's disaster request, due to the influx of imports causing injury to the shrimp industry, has been denied.
Read letter here-
Letter to Governor

LSA President met with the Louisiana Governor on the state our industry is in. The Governor pledged his help for our shrimp industry.
Follow up letters may be viewd on the links below.
Governors Letter to LSA President
Governors Letter to the President Biden
LSA submitts a letter to Louisiana Governor JB Edwards asking him to delcare a state of emergency for the Louisiana Shrimp Industry.
Click here to read letter.

Louisiana Shrimp Association petitions US Departmenf of Commerce and other U.S. federal agencies, to intiate an investigation into the influx of imported shrimp being allowed to enter the U.S.A.
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Louisiana Shrimp Association Press Release July 7, 2023
The U.S. Department of Commerce issued the National Export Strategy 2023 in June.
Louisiana Shrimp Association supports the U.S. Department of Commerce's decision to balance international trade which is hampering America's seafood industry.
Louisiana Shrimp Association and its members stand strongly united to protect the future of our industry.
A joint organization letter may be viewed on the link below.
LSA also submitted a letter from its organization with suggestions to include in the Draft National Seafood Strategy of NOAA fisheries. This letter may be viewed on the link below.
LSA's Letter Seafood Strategy 2023
Chapter 9 of the published stategy document is the information on the Seafood Industry in the document.
Click here to view the U.S. National Export Strategy 2023 here
Chapter 9-"Fishing Industry" may be viewed here:National Export Strategy 2023
Lawmakers taking action to protect state's seafood industry
Read Here
Louisiana shrimpers are in trouble.
Read Here
FDA is responsible for the safety of all fish and fishery products entering the United States. The agency uses every available tool to identify immediate or potential threats as well as the best course of action to protect public health and safety. As part of the FDA’s import safety effort, the agency provides as much available information and guidance as possible to consumers, industry, and government about seafood safety.
Imported Seafood Safety Program
Study blasts loopholes in NOAA's seafood inspection program."Roughly 60 percent of all seafood coming into the United States is not covered by a federal inspection program operated by NOAA" Read Here
NOTE: This has to be renewed each year
Under the authority of 56:303E,(1), this form may be used to qualify a Louisiana licensed commercial fisherman as "certified". An IRS registered tax preparer possessing a PIN must complete the form certifying that based upon his most recent federal income tax return that the fisherman earns at least fifty percent of his income from commercial fishing activities, and have it notorized, then mailed in to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
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Commercial fisherman may apply for a certificate of exemption from Louisiana state sales and use taxes under Louisiana Revised Statute 47:305.20.
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Become Louisiana Certified

  • "The primary mission of the Louisiana Seafood Certification Program is to build a unified brand to attract consumers as well as foodservice and seafood distribution buyers who want to be sure they’re sourcing the best-tasting seafood in the world—Louisiana Seafood." The basic requirements along with instruction on how to apply to become a Louisiana Seafood Certified Program participant can be found here- Louisiana Certification Program

    Our Goal

    • is to incorporate the participation of everyone involved in the Shrimp Industry, and to preserve the culture and heritage of the traditional Louisiana Shrimper.


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  • Commercial Fishermen Louisiana Sales Tax Exemption Form

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